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For 50+ years KIMCHUK has been a valuable resource to the electronic manufacturing community by offering a complete array of services. No one knows your business or the realities of your market better than you. However, when it comes to electronics assembly, no one can help meet those realities more efficiently and cost effectively than KIMCHUK as your experienced contract manufacturer.

Our design and manufacturing equipment is already in place. Staff is in-house, trained and certified. Your capital is set free for R&D or high priority items.

We combine customer requirements for volume component purchases. Cash flow is more predictable and tied to the regularity of orders vs. expenses.

Our in-house design services enhance communication between engineering, manufacturing and test requirements. Projects move fluidly through design and production.

More than 50+ years of experience in engineering design and contract manufacturing. Exposure to a wide variety of products and customer techniques makes us flexible as well as highly competent. We have also added two additional facilities for an added 38,000 square feet.

Quality is built into your product… starting from design review - to manufacturing and test - to complete warranty programs.

Corporate Bio

KIMCHUK was incorporated in the state of Connecticut in 1964. The business originally started as a machine shop which was formed by William Kimbell and Nicholas Sachuk. In 1968 William Kimbell purchased all of Sachuk's stock with the intention of expanding the corporation. Mr. Sachuk wished to continue as a small single owner-operator precision tool shop where as Mr. Kimbell wished to expand the business.

In 1971 James Marquis joined the corporation for the purposes of expanding KIMCHUK into the areas of product design development and contract manufacturing. Mr. Marquis established an electronic division in the Danbury, Connecticut area while William Kimbell continued to manage the precision machine shop in Stamford.

In 1975 KIMCHUK’s Electronic Division purchased its first building in Brookfield, Connecticut. Additionally, William Kimbell decided to allow the precision machine shop to go into attrition while he expanded its facilities into the mechanical fabrication area. The precision sheet metal better suited the types of business that the Electronic Division was initiating. The growth rate of the company was quite significant during the latter years of the 1970's.

During the early 1980's KIMCHUK continued to grow including the addition of a new 10,000 square foot building at 36 Del Mar Drive. In 1986, the Electronic Division had outgrown the 30,000 feet which it occupied, moved from its facilities in Brookfield, Connecticut and rented a 52,000 square foot facility in Danbury, Connecticut. In 1993, the Electronic Division again expanded into an additional 14,000 square feet in its present location in Commerce Park in Danbury, Connecticut. Additionally, the Mechanical Fabrication Division outgrew its space and in 1984, Mr. Kimbell and Mr. Marquis purchased a facility on Harvard Avenue in Stamford, Connecticut in which the Mechanical Fabrication Division was housed.

During the early 1990's, the Electronic Division invested very heavily into surface mount technology and automatic testing. In addition to the above, the Electronic Division instituted a formal continuous improvement process in which a fulltime programming group was employed to improve the efficiencies of the manufacturing processes.

In May of 2004, the owners of KIMCHUK purchased the facility that houses the Electronic Division in Danbury, Connecticut. That same year the Mechanical Fabrication Division was sold.