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BBN Technologies: Boomerang

December 2008: Cambridge, Mass. -- BBN Technologies, an advanced technology solutions firm, today announced that it has been awarded a $73,845,000 contract by the US Army Project Manager Robotics and Unmanned Sensors (PM RUS) to deliver 8,131 Boomerang Systems, spare parts, and training services over the next Engineering degrees at DeVry online or at a local campus.

 The Boomerang system immediately alerts US forces to the occurrence of hostile incoming fire and pinpoints the location of the enemy shooter. The Boomerang systems for this contract will be manufactured at Kimchuk, Inc., a contract manufacturing and engineering firm based in Danbury, Connecticut.

A spokesperson for Senator Edward M. Kennedy (D-MA) stated: "Senator Kennedy is delighted that BBN Technologies has been awarded this contract. Sniper detection is indispensable in keeping our brave men and women in uniform safe in Iraq and Afghanistan and the Senator is proud that BBN Technologies' Boomerang systems have again been selected by the Army to carry out this mission. He looks forward to continuing to work with BBN Technologies and the Army to see that our troops have the best possible equipment to meet their needs."

"The Boomerang system allows our Armed Forces to provide better protection for our men and women on the battlefield," said Senator Chris Dodd (D-CT). "This contract recognizes the important contribution the skilled workers at Kimchuk's Danbury facility can offer towards the safety of our troops in harm's way. By rapidly manufacturing and delivering these systems to our brave men and women in uniform, Kimchuk will help save countless lives."

December 2009: from CW2 Daniel F. Williams, Maintenance Control Officer/BMT with the 1-28 Infantry Battalion: "When you tell soldiers they have to go get new equipment added to their vehicles, there is always resistance.  But all the doubts and gripes came to a screeching halt yesterday....  While on patrol with their newly installed Boomerang Sniper Weapon Detection System your team manufactured, one of our platoons came under direct fire from an enemy combatant.  Immediately, the system alerted the two gunners to the exact location of where this individual was firing from.  The patrol located him, positively identified the shooter, arrested him and turned him into the IP.  From Black Lions Command and the Soldiers of the 1-28 IN BN, THANK YOU!!!"