Your Complete Electronic Manufacturing Partner

Small Business

Manufacturing & Procurement

  • Consignment & Turnkey
  • Complete Systems Assembly
  • Mechanical Assembly
  • Printed Circuit Board Assembly
    • Fully Automatic
    • Hand Insertion
    • Surface Mounted Device Manufacturing
  • Ball Grid Array (BGA), CSBGA, MicroBGA, NanoBGA with underfill, QFN, LCC X-Ray, BGA X-Ray, BGA Rework
  • Wiring and Cabling
  • 100% Automatic Inspection & Testing

Consignment & Turnkey

KIMCHUK INC can either process a customer’s project by procuring all material or by utilizing customer supplied kits. For consigned projects, systems are in place to either inventory or return excess material. For turnkey orders, our fully staffed and experienced Procurement Team will control material flow.

KIMCHUK utilizes an E-commerce quoting system with key suppliers to provide a complete turnkey quote resulting in best pricing and lead-time availability.

Our MRP database allows visibility of inventory, purchase orders and a 3-way cross reference for our customers’ part numbers. Numerous part numbers are also on our E-commerce system which has forecasting capability.

The Materials group has developed strategic partnerships with several Tier 1 suppliers. This partnership enables KIMCHUK to provide the best possible price to our customers. Weekly meetings with our top distributors result in strategizing, problem solving and opening lines of communication. In addition we have bond programs in place to ensure timely delivery for long lead components.

Also experienced in the following programs:

  • KanBan
  • JIT (Just in Time)
  • Bonded Inventory
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Forecast Procurement

Manufacturing Engineering Services

KIMCHUK Manufacturing Engineers bring over 50 combined years of experience to every project. We offer DFM / DFT analysis free of charge and will work with customers towards cost reductions. Using state of the art CAM software, we review all gerber data prior to procurement and work directly with board houses to determine the most efficient and cost effective means of processing all board types. We develop revision controlled visual assembly aids for all products that are supported by electronic data and we create in-house assembly instructions for complex mechanical projects. Our hands-on staff of Engineers oversee all project setups and programming, and we develop in-house tooling and fixturing as needed to establish smooth processing and quality assurance.

Program Management Services

The Program Management Group is comprised of Account Managers for each customer that are responsible for Planning and Project Management. This is the central contact for our internal and external customers to manage the project insure document control, order entry, scheduling, problem solving, planning, and customer service.

Our objective is to become an extension of your organization to ensure that we understand your requirements and do everything to meet or exceed your expectations.