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PCB Assembly

KIMCHUK Electronic Manufacturing group is a world class, fully integrated manufacturing organization, offering complete printed circuit board assembly including through hole, surface mount and mixed technologies. Our automated systems are capable of handling the latest designs in both flexible and rigid circuitry and can place a range of package types starting at 01005 and including fine pitch and ball grid arrays. Our 35 + years of experience allows us to process single, double and multi-layer PCB’s and our state of the art tracking system offers the customer a detailed timeline of their product’s manufacturing process.

Our organizational platform is committed to the Lean Initiative and our procurement team offers systems that span from our FasTrak Program for prototyping, to our Quote/Buy System for heritage and end-of-life product lines. We also process consignment orders with strict inventory control and tracking of customer property. Every project is closely monitored by an individual Program Management Coordinator and each account is overseen by a member of our Executive Team.

Through Hole Manufacturing

KIMCHUK offers automatic insertion of 0.300" and 0.600" DIP packages and axial leaded components as well as manual insertion and swaging/staking of components. All designs processed are assisted by color coded visual aids that KIMCHUK generates directly from customer supplied electronic design data. This system verifies the part numbers, reference designation and details any special handling requirements.

Our employees are certified to IPC-A-610 and are specialists in selective solder, wave solder and hand solder techniques. In addition to IPC-610, our workmanship will meet J-Std-001 Class III. KIMCHUK is capable of processing leaded as well as lead free assemblies with 18" maximum board width.

Surface Mount Manufacturing

KIMCHUK technology is capable of placing 01005 through 50mmx150mm components including ultra fine pitch, BGA, CSBGA, MicroBGA, NanoBGA with underfill, QFN, LCC, leadless chip carriers, lead-free devices and odd form surface mount connectors. 2.5D paste inspection is performed on boards prior to placement.

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) is performed on all products after reflow. Our AOI system will inspect for polarity, presence and solder joint integrity. Optical character recognition is performed on SOIC and larger components.

Our state of the art X-ray equipment is capable of 2.5D inspection; images can be captured and movies can be recorded. Board size of up to 510mmx460mm (20"x18") can be processed.


KIMCHUK has well established programs that allow us the flexibility to process both RoHS and leaded product. Our MRP and inventory systems offer instant information regarding RoHS compliant material; our manufacturing processes segregate these technologies offering customers the opportunity to design a RoHS product while still marketing the leaded version.

We are capable of processing leaded as well as lead-free assemblies up to 18" maximum board width. Our surface mount ovens are capable of processing leaded or lead free assemblies as well.

KIMCHUK is fully compliant with the European Union's (EU) Restriction of Certain Hazardous Substances (RoHS) and Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directives.

Military / Leaded

KIMCHUK supports a variety of United States Military and Government projects requiring minimum lead composition and is ITAR registered. Our procurement program has been trained in handling QML, JAN and MIL PRF products and we have teamed with defense vendors who offer years of experience working with DSCC (Defense Supply Center Columbus) and DESC (Defense Electrical Supply Center). We are trained in tin mitigation and specialty lead forming.


KIMCHUK has vast experience in supporting leaded product lines and will continue to offer our services to those companies who do not require RoHS compliance. We have a wide range of resources to procure difficult to find material and specialty military components. Problem solving is our specialty.

Our manufacturing team is capable of processing designs that require a mix of RoHS and leaded product. Our Quality and Manufacturing staffs are trained to inspect and handle discontinued components protecting our customers from less than compliant product. We have successfully implemented both lot and component traceability programs.

KIMCHUK offers conformal coating using spray, dip and brush application methods for SR (silicone) UR (urethane) and AR (acrylic) coatings. We meet IPC-A-610 coating requirements.

Automated Optical Inspection

KIMCHUK utilizes automated inspection equipment that aids manufacturing in processing surface mount technology more efficiently. Five cameras and 18 lighting angles inspect component placement accuracy, check for polarity and detect marking and forming irregularities on components that the human eye may not find. This equipment can be set to either IPC Class 2 or 3 solder parameters and can evaluate both reflowed and wave flowed solder joints. In addition our fully automated screen printers inspect to 21/2D and will evaluate insufficient solder as well as excessive solder (both from smearing and excessive height). It can also detect solder bridging between pads and insufficient solder height even if the solder covers the entire pad.