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Testing Services

KIMCHUK Test Engineers can create new test plans or implement existing test plans that will provide our customers with the assurance that their product is dependable. Our Test Group can also review designs for testability (DFT) by working both with KIMCHUK Design Engineers and our customer's engineering team. Identifying testability issues early will allow customers to make changes to the design to enhance the test plan allowing the product to be tested properly with 100% coverage on the selected test equipment.

The decision to test product can benefit the manufacturer and customer by:

  • Reducing manufacturing costs by identifying problems at an early stage.
  • Improve test yields to allow on-time delivery.
  • Promote continuous improvement.
  • Verify the units' specifications meet the design criteria.
  • Assure confidence that the product will work in a final system.

KIMCHUK can implement a test plan using any or all of the following services:

In-Circuit Test

  • Automated Test Equipment (ATE) bed of nails fixturing development and test programming
  • Flying Probe programming and test
  • Boundary Scan and JTAG development

Functional Test

  • Development and Fixturing
  • Operational tests and troubleshooting tools
  • Burn-in testing with onsite walk-in temperature chamber
  • Hi-Pot testing
  • Vibration testing
  • Cable scan testing

Through our comprehensive Tracking System we maintain all test results. Our report generator gives our customer concise results of First Pass Yields, Defective Parts, and other technical data that gives opportunity to improve the product, the product process and our customer's bottom line.

Firmware Programming

KIMCHUK is equipped to program a vast selection of FPGA, EPROM and EEPROM's. We offer both ISP (in circuit serial programming) and microcircuit programming and have multiple programmers on site with the capability to support 24,000 different devices.

KIMCHUK Programming Group has the ability to program any commercial device a customer might use in their product. Specific modules are required for programming each device and KIMCHUK procures additional modules as needed to meet our customer design requirements. In addition, we have several serial programming interfaces that support Actel, Microchip, Lattice and Hitachi as well as many other leading manufacturers' devices and add to this inventory at our customers' requests. All firmware is proprietary and revision controlled.

Robotic Deposition

KIMCHUK has robotic deposition equipment for application of special adhesives, gasketting, makings, and coatings which provides a cost effective and consistent end product.

Quality Assurance

AS9100 REV D – Quality Management Systems – Requirements: Certification by SGS
ISO 9001: 2015 - Quality Management Systems - Requirements: Certification by SGS
IPC Association Connecting Electronic Industries

  • IPC-A-610 Certified Assembly Trainers & Operators: Industry Acceptability Standards for Electronic Assemblies
  • IPC/WHMA-A-620 Certified Cable and Harness Trainers & Operators: Requirements and Acceptance for Cable and Wire Harness Assemblies
  • IPC-J-STD-001 Certified Soldering Trainers & Operators: The J-STD is the internationally recognized standard for soldering electronic assemblies.

Refurb / Repair Services

KIMCHUK maintains a repair or refurb depot for warranty as well as non-warranty repair services. We pride ourselves on our technical evaluation and troubleshooting process. Our electronic identification and tracking system is used for each repair received offering both cost efficiency and quick turnaround time. We support complete refurbishment projects implementing all engineering change notices and programming and/or testing to the latest requirements.

Fuse Deposition Modeling (FDM)

KIMCHUK offers Solid Model Printing, also known as Fuse Deposition Modeling. We are equipped to create rugged thermoplastic models for prototyping, tooling or small quantity production requirements. With our onsite equipment, model production is always a quick turnaround.

  • We help reduce cost by correcting design errors early
  • We accelerate time-to-market
  • We offer proof of concept, quickly and inexpensively

Functional Testing with FDM

We produce prototypes from FDM technology that are tough enough to functionally test and can be used to evaluate the final product performance in real world applications.

  • We make possible the testing of parts in real–world environments
  • We can better predict end–product performance
  • We can find and fix design errors early in the development process

Manufacturing Tools with FDM

Kimchuk can produce jigs, fixtures, check gauges, tooling masters and even production tooling quickly and inexpensively.

  • We manufacture tools for use on the production floor in hours vs. days
  • We eliminate cost and time associated with machining and tooling
  • We implement more tools for easier and more precise manufacturing
  • We manufacture odd form conformal coating masking boots

End-Use Parts with FDM

Kimchuk offers our customers parts that are tough enough for low-volume manufacturing without tooling and we can begin production immediately after design while others are still waiting for tooling to be created.

  • We eliminate time and cost of traditional tooling
  • We optimize design for application - not manufacturability
  • FDM is ideal for low volume and bridge-to-tooling

Fulfillment Program

KIMCHUK offers a complete design to delivery program. We inventory our customer’s finished product and drop ship as authorized by our customer. We host customer inventory audits and offer electronic transaction tracking and reporting.